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Author: Rhyll Biest

Number Of Pages: 356

Release Date: 09-09-2015


A guarded recluse, some dirty pictures, and a spark of curiosity that leads to a dangerous attraction. When the reclusive Holly accidentally finds some very naughty photos, both the star - all inked muscle and attitude - and the way he's tied his lady friend to his four-poster bed make her more than a little curious. But to get to know the big, built stonemason better, she'll have to overcome his vengeful ex and her own inhibitions - and pray that the walls she's built around her guarded heart and dark secret remain safe from a man who has a way with stone. 'One of the funniest, smartest, and sexiest erotic romances I've read. Unrestrained has a balance of emotional intensity, humor, and heat that is rare and incredibly special.' - Love Reading Romance.